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Reading as meditation

I’m not a fiction kind of gal, and never have been. These days when I troll bookstores, I head for the gardening section first, then maybe auto/biography. I picked up Hill Song: A Country Journal (1985, Countryman Press) when I discovered Blue Awning Books about a month ago. (How could I have missed this used […]

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'Dear Wendy Davis' | AnnDalyWriter.com

Writing is how I think

My latest Huffington Post essay (“Dear Wendy Davis: Please Stop Talking about Your ‘Story’”) began as a Facebook entry. I was composing it in my head in the bathroom, as I was brushing my teeth on a Sunday morning. And then I decided to see, just for the heck of it, how much further could […]

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The Writer's Room Interviews | AnnDalyWriter.com

What makes a good day’s writing?

As I reclaim my writing life, I’m happily (vicariously) immersing myself into other writer’s lives. For one thing, I’m a subscriber to Australian writer Charlotte Wood’s very excellent “The Writer’s Room Interviews” series. This month’s new interview, with Sydney writer Malcolm Knox, is as thoughtful and stimulating as the rest. I particularly enjoy reading about […]

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Ann Daly, Pittsburgh Press feature writer | AnnDalyWriter.com

The soul of wit

If I learned about clarity from Mrs. Parker, I learned about brevity several years later while working as a feature writer for The Pittsburgh Press. Daily newspaper journalism was the best possible foundation I could have chosen for each of my careers — as journalist, scholar, and life coach. I remember assigning the same exercise […]

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Susan Sontag | AnnDalyWriter.com

Susan Sontag

Susan Sontag on art commentary: “The function of criticism should be to show how it is what it is, even that it is what it is, rather than to show what it means.”

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treetops | AnnDalyWriter.com

Naked trees

Spring is late this year, and I’m impatient for any reward (maybe a daffodil, please?) after our unusually cold winter. Just when I’d mastered the art of curating plant material to endure our brutal Austin summers, I have to rethink those choices, such as succulents and cacti, that refuse a real winter. Which reminds me […]

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Remember the purpose of language

Everything I know about writing clearly I learned from Mrs. Parker. When I got to Duquesne University, they placed me in Honor’s English with Mrs. Parker. For our first assignment I pulled out all the stops. The essay was dense with the fancy syntax and thesaurus vocabulary for which I had been rewarded in high […]

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