BookWoman: one of last feminist bookstores standing

susan post and gloria steinem | BookWoman owner Susan Post (r) with Gloria Steinem.

moved here In 1995, the signing party for my first book, Done into Dance: Isadora Duncan in America, was held at BookWoman bookstore, back when it was at 12th and Lamar, near the crystal shop. A dozen years later, when owner Susan Post kindly hosted the book signing for Clarity: How to Accomplish What Matters Most, the bookstore had moved to its current home further up Lamar, near the Goodwill. BookWoman celebrates its fortieth anniversary this fall — an extraordinary achievement for a feminist bookstore, of which there are only 13 left on the continent.

why not look here One of the store’s small, blue-and-white bookmarks fell into my lap this morning. Here’s what it says:

Always . . .

has books that change your life and the world

inspires new, diverse, and cutting-edge writing

guarantees the availability of books by feminists, lesbians, and women of color

values books as cultural and intellectual expressions, not merely commodities

BookWoman bookstore
5501 North Lamar, A-105
Austin, TX  78751

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