John Irving: writing as waiting

neurontin 24 hour shipping to us john irving | AnnDalyWriter.comConvenient justification for how slowly my Georgia O’Keeffe essay is going:

review “I think I would like to allow everyone to continue to have the illusion that creative acts happen in a blinding flash of light. But, in fact, everything you say about the job of writing, about the craftsmanship of it, is, for me, a matter of doing everything I can to move very slowly and very deliberately and, probably most important of all, to wait. To wait a long time before I begin writing a novel until I have gathered enough knowledge of the story to know almost every turn it takes before I begin, but most especially to know absolutely where it’s going, where it’s ending up.”

vous pouvez l'essayer John Irving interviewed by Louis Black in the Austin Chronicle.

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