Critical Gestures: Writings on Dance and Culture Critical Gestures | Spanning the divide between journalism and scholarship, this collection offers a double-sighted view of dance in America from 1986 to 2001. Critical Gestures documents the shift in experimental dance from formal to social concerns. And it records the expansion of dance studies in the academy from historical documentation to cultural criticism. More than 80 reviews, features, essays, interviews and scholarly articles — including extended considerations of Pina Bausch, Deborah Hay, Bill T. Jones and Ralph Lemon — were originally published in venues ranging from High Performance to The New York Times to TDR: A Journal of Performance Studies. This anthology brings together in a single volume the far-reaching and influential work of an eminent dance critic and scholar.

bonchamp-lès-laval rencontre femme noir Published 2002 by Wesleyan University Press.

A remarkable collection of discourse on contemporary dance. — Arts Wire Current

The book stands as much as a peculiar monument to Daly’s own self as it does an intentionally evocative palimpsest marking the similarities between choreography and writing. — TDR: A Journal of Performance Studies