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patti smith | AnnDalyWriter.com

How Patti Smith learned to be a writer

cheap Lyrica canada I’ve been enthralled by all the Patti Smith interviews marking the publication of her second memoir, M Train. So much so that I went to BookWoman to buy it and its predecessor, Just Kids. (But I’m not allowed to start reading them until I finish my essay on two Georgia O’Keeffe exhibits.) About developing her […]

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georgia o'keeffe | AnnDalyWriter.com

Georgia O’Keeffe’s Door

Recommended Reading In honor of Women’s History Month, my essay on Georgia O’Keeffe published this month in Houston Woman Magazine. Enjoy! What was there to love about the abandoned house perched over route 84, north of Santa Fe by 53 miles? Its adobe walls were cracked and crumbling, the beams fallen, the doors dangling. Much of the […]

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Margaret Fuller | AnnDalyWriter.com

Book review: Margaret Fuller, a woman’s life

référence Recently published in Houston Woman magazine: a review essay of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Margaret Fuller: A New American Life by Megan Marshall (New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt). It’s hard to imagine the depths of Margaret Fuller’s despair as she came of age, an intellectual prodigy in the early nineteenth century, expected to achieve nothing more […]

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Gloria Steinem and Susan Post | AnnDalyWriter.com

BookWoman: one of last feminist bookstores standing

In 1995, the signing party for my first book, Done into Dance: Isadora Duncan in America, was held at BookWoman bookstore, back when it was at 12th and Lamar, near the crystal shop. A dozen years later, when owner Susan Post kindly hosted the book signing for Clarity: How to Accomplish What Matters Most, the […]

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Isadora Duncan | AnnDalyWriter.com

Honoring Isadora Duncan’s birthday in Houston Woman magazine

A great topic is inexhaustible! Twenty years after publishing my book on Isadora Duncan, I’m still finding fresh ways to write about the dancer’s extraordinary life and art. In honor of Duncan’s birthday, I wrote an essay inquiring into the origins of her grand ambition. Thanks to Houston Woman magazine for publishing it, and I […]

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jill abramson

Op-ed runs in Austin American-Statesman

I was in Madrid when the Jill Abramson story broke. I didn’t intend to write anything about it. What more was there to say? And I just don’t feel like writing against things anymore. (That’s a large part of why I left academia: I wanted to use my critical thinking skills to help build up […]

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