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patti smith | AnnDalyWriter.com

How Patti Smith learned to be a writer

I’ve been enthralled by all the Patti Smith interviews marking the publication of her second memoir, M Train. So much so that I went to BookWoman to buy it and its predecessor, Just Kids. (But I’m not allowed to start reading them until I finish my essay on two Georgia O’Keeffe exhibits.) About developing her […]

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ElizabethHardwick | AnnDalyWriter.com

Elizabeth Hardwick on “imaginative concentration”

Well, it’s Monday, and if I can trust the insight of Elizabeth Hardwick — and I do — I may have something worthwhile by Friday . . . “Interviewer: Can you always arrive at the tone you want? Hardwick:  No, I can’t, and when that happens I put the work aside. But I’ve noticed that […]

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Hill Song | AnnDalyWriter.com

Reading as meditation

I’m not a fiction kind of gal, and never have been. These days when I troll bookstores, I head for the gardening section first, then maybe auto/biography. I picked up Hill Song: A Country Journal (1985, Countryman Press) when I discovered Blue Awning Books about a month ago. (How could I have missed this used […]

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The Writer's Room Interviews | AnnDalyWriter.com

What makes a good day’s writing?

As I reclaim my writing life, I’m happily (vicariously) immersing myself into other writer’s lives. For one thing, I’m a subscriber to Australian writer Charlotte Wood’s very excellent “The Writer’s Room Interviews” series. This month’s new interview, with Sydney writer Malcolm Knox, is as thoughtful and stimulating as the rest. I particularly enjoy reading about […]

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Susan Sontag | AnnDalyWriter.com

Susan Sontag

Susan Sontag on art commentary: “The function of criticism should be to show how it is what it is, even that it is what it is, rather than to show what it means.”

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